Report Fraud

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Fraud Reporting Guidelines

Attention: To protect the confidentiality of investigations and complainants, The Office of the State Auditor will not provide status updates and will not confirm or deny the existence of a complaint.

The Investigations Division investigates the loss and misuse of state and local government funds and property, for example:

  • Illegal acts affecting state or local governments such as embezzlement, theft, fraud, and conflicts of interest

  • Significant abuse of state or local government equipment or property

  • Clear misuse of state or local government property, programs, or work time for personal gain

  • Gross misconduct of state or local government officials or employees resulting in significant financial effects

  • Kickbacks or bribes to state or local government workers or officials or to state or local government vendors

The Investigations Division does not investigate:

  • Allegations or complaints without sufficient factual basis

  • Allegations involving personal federal or state tax fraud

  • Improper acts by federal officials or related to federal programs not administered by the state, such as federal income tax

  • Improper acts of private entities not contracting with state or local governmental entities

  • Allegations against state or local officials regarding personal matters

  • Human mistakes by state or local government employees

  • Allegations involving imminent risk of bodily harm (child abuse, elder abuse, etc.)