Public Innovations and Efficiencies Awards

The Mississippi Office of the State Auditor will recognize state and local government offices and school districts for improving efficiency and innovation through our new Public Innovation & Efficiencies (PIE) Awards.

The Mississippi PIE program is simple. Each year, we will ask which money-saving practices your organization has implemented. The explanation of your efforts to innovate and improve efficiencies will be evaluated, and your workplace may be publicly honored in our PIE Contest.

There are many simple ways that organizations can cut costs, reduce waste, and improve efficiency in the workplace. We are looking to see how your office has managed cost savings to make the best possible use of taxpayer resources.

Through the link below, you can access the Google Form to complete and submit online. Please note that you'll have to fill out the first section before moving on to the second section, but you'll only need to submit your responses once.

Link to Google Form: Click here.