Shad White
State Auditor


Shad White grew up in Sandersville, Mississippi – population 731 – in a blue-collar family. His father and grandfather were oilfield pumpers, and his mother and grandmother were teachers. On the weekends, his father was music minister at their small country church, and his mother played the organ. Today his father serves as mayor of their small town.

After attending public school, Shad earned his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Mississippi. He studied as a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, earning a master’s in economic history. Shad holds a law degree from Harvard Law School, where he learned the meaning of fighting for values that might be unpopular. While there, Shad served as President of the Federalist Society, a conservative legal association, and brought speakers to campus to defend the legality of public prayer, the morality of work and free enterprise, and the importance of traditional moral values.

In 2011, Shad served as Director of Policy to then-Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant. Shad later practiced law in the private sector, served as a special prosecutor in Rankin County, and served as Director of the Mississippi Justice Institute. At the Mississippi Justice Institute, Shad filed and led cases against public officials when they violated Mississippi's open government and ethics laws. He has also taught as an adjunct professor at the University of Mississippi, earned a certificate in forensic accounting from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and previously worked as a fellow at a national think tank on state policy.

On July 6, 2018, Governor Phil Bryant announced his appointment of Shad to serve as the 42nd State Auditor of Mississippi.

Today Shad and his wife, Rina, live in Rankin County and are faithful members at St. Richard Church.


The State Auditor is responsible for auditing all state agencies, county governments, school districts, junior colleges and universities; conducting investigations into abuse of public funds and violations of law; providing best practices for all public offices of regional and local subdivisions of the state, systems of accounting, budgeting and reporting financial facts relating to said offices in conformity with legal requirements and with generally accepted accounting principles; conducting inventory audits of all state property; and validating average daily attendance (ADA) counts in the state’s public schools. The State Auditor is elected to a four-year term and may be re-elected. Miss. Const. 1890, Article 5, SS 113, 115, 134, and 136. Miss. Code Ann. SS 7-7-1, et seq. (1972).

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